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How to auto start glassfish server


1. Create file name ‘glassfish’ and edit file sudo nano /etc/init.d/glassfish 2. Write the lines below into the file and save it #! /bin/sh #to prevent some possible problems export AS_JAVA=jdk path GLASSFISHPATH= glashfish bin path case "$1" in start) echo "starting glassfish from $GLASSFISHPATH" sudo -u glassfish $GLASSFISHPATH/asadmin start-domain domain1 ;; restart) $0 stop $0...

Install Windows 7/8/10 directly from Hard drive – NO DVD or USB needed!


For example, you have a netbook or desktop that you want to install Windows 7/8/10 onto, but can’t use DVD or USB for whatever reason (or don’t want to, like me). This method will allow you to boot and install Windows directly from the hard drive. This guide involves plugging the hard drive into another working computer, preparing the hard drive, placing it back in the system, and...

Tips for writing a good resume


Step 1: Take fundaes I wrote my first serious resume about 2 years before my Google placement. But before you do that it is extremely important that you know how to make a resume. Start talking to people. Go in depth in the nitty gritties of it. Be it the formatting, language, action verbs, what to add, what not to add etc. Understand completely how is a resume read, how is it written, what adds...

Load Balancing and Scalability for Tomcat Clusters


1. Introduction: Clustering allows us to run an application on several parallel servers (a.k.a cluster nodes). The load is distributed across different servers, and even if any of the servers fails, the application is still accessible via other cluster nodes. Clustering is crucial for scalable enterprise applications, as you can improve performance by simply adding more nodes to the cluster. 2...

What does Series A,B,C,D funding mean?


Series A,B,C,D are Financing Stages for a startup, here is what it means: Usually Series D goes in the fifth round of investments. While it starts from a seed stage investment, and then series A through C. Series A: Series A round of financing is the first round of financing that a startup receives from a venture capital firm i.e. the first time when company ownership is offered to external...

How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack on Ubuntu


About LAMP LAMP stack is a group of open source software used to get web servers up and running. The acronym stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Since the Server is already running Ubuntu, the linux part is taken care of. Here is how to install the rest. Step One—Install Apache Apache is a free open source software which runs over 50% of the world’s web servers. To install apache, open...

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