How to set up a JDBC connection in Glassfish Today I will make an introductory work that will allow us to work with databases. In this case  we will create a little database with MySQL and I will setup a JDBC connection to use it later from a program. I assume that you have installed Glassfish… Read More

How To Install JBoss On Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit What is JBoss? JBoss is a powerful open source Java application server developed by RedHat. It has full support for the JavaEE 6 Webprofile, which means you have the following out of the box support: Servlet 3.0 JSF Java Server Faces EJB JPA CDI Bean Validation Additionally… Read More

Preconditions There are many tutorials available to help you install OpenJDK and JBoss. This is one on the latest concerning Oracle Java and Glassfish. Hopefully this will make deploying easier for Java EE developers. You will need a server with Ubuntu 12.04.3 x64 that has been created with DigitalOcean. Login as root by ssh. This article… Read More

Recursive Function : Recursive function is a type of function which calls itself in Function Definition Code Segment until a terminating condition reached. In the following program “fact( )” is a recursive function. Use long int in place of int to find factorial of large number like 100 or so on. The power of recursion evidently lies… Read More

When we declare a variable in C/C++ etc. by statements like int a or int b , it tells the compiler to reserve the space of two bytes in the memory to store the integer type value and identify the storage location in the memory by ‘a’ or ‘b’ etc. So every variable has three… Read More